Chris Pine Opens Up About His Nerves Singing Opposite Ariana DeBose in ‘Wish’

nervous to sing Chris Pine Opens Up About His Nerves Singing Opposite Ariana DeBose in ‘Wish’
Chris Pine Opens Up About His Nerves Singing Opposite Ariana DeBose in ‘Wish’

Chris Pine Opens Up About His Nerves Singing Opposite Ariana DeBose in ‘Wish’

The Magic of Music: Chris Pine Takes a Leap of Faith in Musical Film ‘Wish’

When it comes to stepping out of one’s comfort zone, actor Chris Pine is no stranger to taking on new challenges. From commanding the starship USS Enterprise in “Star Trek” to portraying a gritty bank robber in “Hell or High Water,” Pine has proven his versatility as an actor time and time again. However, his latest endeavor in the musical film “Wish” allowed him to showcase a different side of his talent – singing.

A New Frontier for Chris Pine

In “Wish,” Pine plays the lead role alongside Broadway sensation Ariana DeBose. The film tells the heartwarming story of two strangers who cross paths and discover the transformative power of music. While Pine has sung on screen before in “Into the Woods” and “A Wrinkle in Time,” taking on a full-fledged musical role was a new challenge for him.

The Nerves of Singing

Despite his previous musical experiences, Pine confessed to feeling nervous about singing opposite the talented Ariana DeBose. In an interview, he revealed, “Ariana is an incredible singer and performer, so of course I felt a bit intimidated. Singing is such a vulnerable act, and to do it alongside someone as skilled as her definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

The Joy of Collaboration

Despite his nerves, Pine found solace in the collaboration process with DeBose and the rest of the cast and crew. He emphasized the importance of trust and support in the creative process, saying, “When you’re surrounded by a talented team, it becomes a collective effort. We lifted each other up, and that camaraderie created a safe space to explore our characters and their journey through music.”

Training and Preparation

To prepare for his singing role, Pine underwent rigorous vocal training and worked closely with a vocal coach. He dedicated several hours each day to honing his singing skills and expanding his vocal range, ensuring that he could deliver a performance that lived up to the high standards of the film.

The Transformative Power of Music

In “Wish,” music acts as a catalyst for personal growth and connection. Pine spoke about the transformative power of music, stating, “Music has a way of bringing people together and evoking emotions in a way that words alone cannot. It can heal, uplift, and inspire. That’s what we wanted to capture in ‘Wish’ – the magic of music and its ability to change lives.”

Bringing Characters to Life through Song

For Pine, singing in “Wish” was not just about hitting the right notes but also about using music as a storytelling tool. He delved deep into his character’s emotions and motivations, finding ways to express them through song. Pine expressed his admiration for the script and musical compositions, saying, “The songs in ‘Wish’ are beautifully written and provide a unique perspective into the characters’ inner worlds. It was a joy to bring those emotions to life through the power of music.”

Overcoming Nerves and Embracing Vulnerability

While nerves may have initially plagued Pine, he found strength in embracing vulnerability. He saw singing as an opportunity to tap into unexplored aspects of his acting abilities and push his boundaries as an artist. Pine acknowledged that taking risks and stepping into the unknown is an essential part of personal and creative growth.

Ariana DeBose: A Guiding Force

Pine also praised his co-star Ariana DeBose for her incredible talent and support throughout the filming process. He noted, “Ariana has this magnetic presence on screen and stage. She brings so much depth and emotion to her performances, and working alongside her was truly inspiring.”

Learning from a Seasoned Performer

DeBose’s extensive background in musical theater provided invaluable insights for Pine. He shared, “Ariana’s experience in the theater world gave her a deep understanding of singing as a storytelling device. I learned a lot from her about interpreting lyrics, finding the emotional core of a song, and connecting with the audience through music.”

A Collaborative Journey

The bond between Pine and DeBose extended beyond the film’s narrative, as they collaborated on various musical numbers together. Pine described the experience as a partnership, where they relied on each other’s strengths and supported one another throughout the singing and dancing sequences.


In “Wish,” Chris Pine takes a leap of faith, embracing both the nerves and excitement that come with singing opposite Ariana DeBose. Through hard work, collaboration, and a willingness to be vulnerable, Pine delivers a memorable performance that showcases his multifaceted talents. “Wish” not only explores the transformative power of music but also serves as a testament to the growth an artist can achieve when they step outside their comfort zone. Chris Pine’s journey in “Wish” reminds us that sometimes the greatest rewards can be found when we face our fears and allow ourselves to be truly seen through the art of song.[2]

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