Derek Chisora’s Bold Prediction for the Joyce-Zhang Rematch: The Eye Hasn’t Healed Yet

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Derek Chisora’s Bold Prediction for the Joyce-Zhang Rematch: The Eye Hasn’t Healed Yet

Derek Chisora’s Bold Prediction for the Joyce-Zhang Rematch: The Eye Hasn’t Healed Yet

The eye in question is none other than that of experienced heavyweight boxer, Derek Chisora. As we gear up for the much-anticipated rematch between Joe Joyce and Carlos Takam, Chisora has made a bold prediction – the eye hasn’t healed yet. This statement from Chisora has left fans and experts curious as to what implications it may have on the upcoming bout.

Unforgettable History in the Ring

Derek Chisora is no stranger to the world of professional boxing. With an impressive record of 32 wins, 10 losses, and now 1 draw, Chisora has proven time and time again that he is a formidable opponent. However, it was during his most recent fight against Joseph Parker in May that Chisora sustained a severe eye injury. The fight ended in a split decision draw, but Chisora’s eye was left battered and bruised.

The Lingering Effects of an Injured Eye

The eye is a critical component for any boxer. It is their window into the ring, allowing them to read their opponent’s moves and react accordingly. When an injury occurs, especially to such a vital area, it can have long-lasting effects on a fighter’s performance. Chisora’s prediction that his eye hasn’t healed yet is a cause for concern, not only for himself but also for his fans and supporters.

The Joyce-Zhang Rematch

The upcoming rematch between Joe Joyce and Carlos Takam has garnered significant attention from boxing enthusiasts around the world. The first fight, which took place in July, ended with a unanimous decision victory for Joyce. However, the bout was not without controversy, as many believed that Takam had put up a commendable fight and deserved a rematch. Now, with Chisora’s prediction in the mix, the stakes have been raised even higher.

Risks and Opportunities

Chisora’s bold statement brings both risks and opportunities for both fighters. If indeed Chisora’s eye hasn’t fully recovered, it could make him vulnerable in the ring. Joyce and Takam may see this as an opportunity to secure a victory against a top-ranked opponent. On the other hand, Chisora’s prediction could be a psychological tactic, aiming to get under his opponents’ skin and create doubt in their minds.


As we eagerly await the Joyce-Zhang rematch, all eyes are now on Derek Chisora and his mysterious prediction. Will his injured eye be a hindrance or a motivation? Will it influence the outcome of the fight, or is it just psychological gamesmanship? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, though – fans and experts will be closely watching every move in this highly-anticipated bout.

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