Exploring the ‘Internalized Racism’ in Prejudice Against Dating Asian Men: Insights from a Filipino American Creator

Prejudice against Exploring the

Exploring the ‘Internalized Racism’ in Prejudice Against Dating Asian Men: Insights from a Filipino American Creator

Exploring the ‘Internalized Racism’ in Prejudice Against Dating Asian Men: Insights from a Filipino American Creator


In today’s multicultural society, interracial dating has become more common and widely accepted. However, certain racial biases still persist, particularly against Asian men. This article delves into the concept of ‘internalized racism’ within the prejudice faced by Asian men in the dating world, with insights from a Filipino American creator. Through examining personal experiences and societal influences, we aim to shed light on the deep-rooted stereotypes that contribute to this prejudice.

The Role of Media Portrayal

The media plays a significant role in shaping societal perceptions and biases. Unfortunately, Asian men are often portrayed in stereotypical and emasculating roles, reinforcing the idea that they are less desirable as romantic partners. From Hollywood movies to mainstream advertising, these portrayals perpetuate harmful stereotypes that contribute to prejudice against dating Asian men.

Unfair Stereotypes and Hypermascularity

Asian men are often depicted as nerdy, socially awkward, and lacking masculinity. This portrayal creates a skewed image of Asian men, disregarding their unique qualities and diverse personalities. The hypermasculine ideals prevalent in Western society further widen the gap by reinforcing the belief that Asian men do not meet the standards of attractiveness.

Breaking Free: The Filipino American Perspective

As a Filipino American creator, I have personally experienced the impact of internalized racism on relationships. Growing up in a predominantly white community, I found myself conforming to societal expectations and downplaying my cultural background. This self-suppression of identity is a result of internalized racism, where Asian men may feel the need to assimilate or conform to Western ideals to be perceived as more desirable.

The Intersectionality of Racism and Patriarchy

The prejudice against dating Asian men is not only rooted in racism but also intersects with patriarchy. Society often associates masculinity with dominance, power, and physical stature. Asian men, who may not fit into these preconceived notions, face additional challenges in finding romantic partners. The intersectionality of racism and patriarchy compounds the deeply ingrained biases against Asian men in the dating world.

Challenging Biases and Deconstructing Toxic Standards

To combat the prejudice against dating Asian men, it is crucial to challenge biases and deconstruct toxic beauty standards. This involves promoting diverse representations of Asian men in media, celebrating their unique qualities, and valuing cultural backgrounds. Education and awareness also play a vital role in combating internalized racism and dismantling prejudiced beliefs that hinder meaningful connections.

Building an Inclusive Dating Culture

Creating a truly inclusive dating culture requires collective effort and awareness. Individuals must confront their own biases and challenge societal norms. Interracial relationships should not be seen as exotic or fetishized but rather celebrated as a genuine connection between two individuals. By building bridges and emphasizing shared values and interests, we can break down barriers and foster genuine connections.

Role of Media and Representation

Media platforms have the power to shape narratives and influence opinions. By actively seeking out diverse stories and supporting media that showcases Asian men in positive, relatable roles, we can contribute to the normalization of interracial dating. This requires supporting Asian creators and actively challenging the industry to provide more inclusive and authentic representations.


Prejudice against dating Asian men is deeply rooted in society’s preconceived notions, perpetuated by media portrayals and internalized racism. By highlighting the experiences of a Filipino American creator, we have explored the complexities of this prejudice and the importance of combating it. Building an inclusive dating culture requires debunking stereotypes, challenging biases, and promoting diverse representations. Only then can individuals truly embrace the beauty of interracial relationships and create meaningful connections beyond superficial judgments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is prejudice against dating Asian men only prevalent in Western societies?

No, prejudice against dating Asian men can be found in various societies worldwide. However, the specific stereotypes and biases may vary based on cultural contexts.

2. How can individuals overcome internalized racism when it comes to dating?

Overcoming internalized racism requires self-reflection, education, and embracing one’s cultural identity. Challenging societal norms and biases, as well as fostering a sense of belonging within one’s community, can also contribute to breaking free from internalized racism.

3. Why is representation in the media important in combating prejudice?

Representation in the media is crucial as it shapes societal perceptions and influences individuals’ beliefs and attitudes. Positive and diverse representations of Asian men in media can challenge stereotypes and reshape public opinion, fostering inclusivity and acceptance.[3]

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