Father of Chelsea Women star reveals Lauren trained with Arsenal boys

Training Father of Chelsea Women star reveals Lauren trained with Arsenal boys

Father of Chelsea Women star reveals Lauren trained with Arsenal boys

Father of Chelsea Women star reveals Lauren trained with Arsenal boys

Lauren James, the rising star of Chelsea Women’s team, has been making waves in the world of football with her impressive skills and talent. However, what many may not know is that she honed her abilities by training with the boys’ team at Arsenal during her younger years. In a recent interview, her father and former professional footballer, Nigel James, opened up about the invaluable experience his daughter gained from training with the boys.

Breaking gender barriers

Growing up as a young girl with aspirations to become a professional footballer, Lauren James faced numerous challenges. The lack of opportunities for girls to play at a high level meant that she had to find alternative ways to develop her skills. Recognizing her potential, Nigel James, who played for various clubs including Manchester United and Nottingham Forest, encouraged his daughter to train with the boys at Arsenal.

Despite some initial hesitation and resistance from certain individuals, Nigel firmly believed that challenging gender norms and breaking barriers was essential for his daughter’s progression. He wanted to ensure that she received the same level of competition and intensity that the boys’ team at Arsenal could provide.

The benefits of training with the boys

Lauren’s involvement with the Arsenal boys’ team had a profound impact on her development as a footballer. The intense training sessions, alongside highly skilled male players, pushed her to constantly improve her game. It provided her with a level of competition that was not always available in girls’ football at the time.

Training with the boys also helped Lauren develop her physicality and adaptability on the pitch. The speed and strength of the male players forced her to work on her agility, decision-making, and overall game awareness. The experience ultimately set her apart from her female counterparts, allowing her to excel when she eventually joined the Chelsea Women’s team.

The training philosophy

Nigel James explains that the decision to have Lauren train with the boys was not about proving a point or making a political statement. It was simply about ensuring she had the best possible environment to grow as a player. Instead of focusing on gender differences, the focus was always on the quality of the training and the opportunity for Lauren to challenge herself.

The philosophy behind this approach reflects the changing attitudes towards women’s football in recent years. There is a growing understanding that girls can benefit from training alongside boys, not only in terms of skill development but also in challenging traditional gender roles and breaking down barriers.


Lauren James, the star of Chelsea Women’s team, trained with the boys at Arsenal during her younger years. Her father, Nigel James, recognized the need for more challenging opportunities for his daughter and encouraged her to train with the boys to improve her skills. This decision proved invaluable for Lauren’s development as a footballer, providing her with the necessary competition and intensity that accelerated her progress. The experience not only helped her physical and technical abilities but also challenged traditional gender norms in football. #LaurenJames #ChelseaWomen #ArsenalBoys #GirlsInFootball #GenderEquality[5]

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