Antony’s Future in Jeopardy: Erik ten Hag Open to Selling £85m Winger as Man Utd Boss Awaits Bids

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Antony’s Future in Jeopardy: Erik ten Hag Open to Selling £85m Winger as Man Utd Boss Awaits Bids

Antony’s Future in Jeopardy: Erik ten Hag Open to Selling £85m Winger as Man Utd Boss Awaits Bids

Potential Departure Looms for Antony at Ajax

Antony, the highly talented winger for Ajax, finds himself at a crossroads in his career, with his future hanging in the balance. Recent reports suggest that Ajax manager Erik ten Hag is open to the possibility of selling Antony, with Manchester United expressing interest in the £85 million-rated player. This potential departure has sent shockwaves through the football world and has fans wondering about the implications for both parties involved.

Antony’s Rise to Prominence

Antony Santos, commonly known as Antony, burst onto the scene with his exceptional performances for Sao Paulo in the Brazilian Serie A. His electric pace, dribbling skills, and eye for goal quickly caught the attention of scouts worldwide, including Ajax. In July 2020, Antony made the move to the Dutch giants, signing a five-year contract.

His impact at Ajax was immediate and impressive. The young Brazilian showcased his immense potential, contributing with goals and assists as he established himself as a key player in the team. Antony’s performances helped Ajax clinch the Eredivisie title for the 2020-2021 season and reach the quarter-finals of the UEFA Europa League.

The Spark for Manchester United’s Interest

Manchester United, one of the powerhouse clubs in European football, has been monitoring Antony’s progress closely. The potential departure of their star winger, Jadon Sancho, has prompted the club to search for a suitable replacement. Antony’s explosive playing style, adaptability to different positions, and high work rate make him an attractive candidate to fill the void left by Sancho.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looking to further strengthen his squad and mount a serious title challenge, acquiring Antony’s services could be a significant step forward. The young Brazilian has already shown he can perform at a high level, and his potential for further growth and development is tantalizing.

Erik ten Hag’s Considerations

As the manager of Ajax, Erik ten Hag holds the key to Antony’s future. The Dutch coach, known for his tactical acumen and ability to nurture young talents, now faces a crucial decision regarding the winger’s potential departure. While Antony’s performances have been impressive, there are several factors that may influence ten Hag’s decision to sell.

Financial considerations play a significant role in the world of modern football. Ajax, like many other non-superclub teams, relies on player sales to generate funds for reinvestment. With Antony’s valuation reaching £85 million, the sale would provide Ajax with a substantial financial boost that could be used to strengthen other areas of the squad.

Additionally, ten Hag may consider the delicate balance of maintaining a competitive team while allowing players to pursue their ambitions. Ajax has a well-documented history of nurturing and selling young talents, with the understanding that it benefits both the club and the player. Allowing Antony to move to Manchester United could provide an opportunity for the winger to further his career while Ajax receives a hefty transfer fee.

The Implications for Antony and Manchester United

For Antony, a potential move to Manchester United could represent a significant step forward in his career. The Premier League, renowned for its physicality and competitiveness, would provide the Brazilian with a new challenge and a chance to prove himself on one of the biggest stages in world football. Joining a club of Manchester United’s stature would also offer the opportunity to compete for domestic and European silverware regularly.

On the other hand, Manchester United would gain a player with immense potential and a skill set perfectly suited to their attacking style of play. Antony’s pace, technical ability, and versatility would make him a valuable asset in Solskjaer’s squad, offering more options and depth in the attacking department.


Antony’s potential departure from Ajax and his possible move to Manchester United has caused a stir in football circles. While nothing is certain yet, the reports of Erik ten Hag being open to selling the talented winger indicate that a transfer could be on the horizon. The decision would have significant implications for both Antony and Manchester United, offering new opportunities and challenges for their respective futures.

Only time will tell whether this potential move materializes, but one thing is clear – Antony’s performances and potential have caught the attention of top clubs, and his future in football remains an intriguing question mark. As fans eagerly await further developments, the possibility of seeing Antony gracing the hallowed Old Trafford turf becomes an exciting prospect.[2]

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