Dominic Solanke: A Strong Case for England Selection

Although Dominic Solanke: A Strong Case for England Selection
Dominic Solanke: A Strong Case for England Selection

Dominic Solanke: A Strong Case for England Selection

The England national football team is always looking for fresh talent to bolster their squad and Dominic Solanke is a player who may just fit the bill. Despite being just 24 years old, Solanke has already proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League and has had a strong case for England selection.

Rising Through the Ranks

Although Dominic Solanke began his professional career at Chelsea, it was his transfer to Liverpool in 2017 that really showcased his potential. In his time at Liverpool, Solanke demonstrated his versatility as a forward, possessing both strength and skill on the ball.

During his time with Liverpool, Solanke also had the opportunity to learn and train alongside some of England’s most talented players, including Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold. This experience undoubtedly had a positive impact on his development as a player.

A Successful Loan Spell and International Recognition

While Solanke struggled to secure regular playing time at Liverpool, his loan spell at Bournemouth in the 2018-2019 season allowed him to showcase his abilities. He scored vital goals for the team and impressed with his work rate and determination.

Following his successful loan spell, Solanke received a call-up to represent England’s Under-21 team. He made an immediate impact, scoring on his debut and catching the attention of England’s senior team manager, Gareth Southgate.

A Dominant Presence

Since joining Bournemouth on a permanent basis, Solanke has continued to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League. His dominant presence in the attacking third, coupled with his ability to hold up play and create chances for his teammates, has made him a valuable asset for his club.

This season, Solanke has already scored several crucial goals for Bournemouth, including a brace against Cardiff City. His ability to find the back of the net consistently has certainly made a strong case for England selection.

Potential Impact on England’s Squad

If given the opportunity to represent England, Dominic Solanke could provide a much-needed boost to the team’s attacking options. His physicality and clinical finishing ability would add a new dimension to England’s frontline.

Southgate has historically shown a willingness to give young players a chance, and Solanke’s performances at both club and international level certainly warrant consideration. With the Euros on the horizon, the timing could not be better for Solanke to make his case for England selection.


Dominic Solanke’s rise through the ranks, successful loan spell, and continued impressive performances in the Premier League have undoubtedly made a strong case for his selection to the England national team. His versatility, goal-scoring ability, and physical presence make him a valuable asset that would enhance England’s attacking options. With a manager known for giving young players an opportunity, Solanke’s time for an England call-up may be just around the corner.

Summary: Dominic Solanke has proven himself to be a talented and versatile forward in the Premier League. With his impressive performances and goal-scoring ability, Solanke has made a compelling case for selection to the England national team, especially with the Euros approaching. His physicality and clinical finishing would provide a valuable asset to England’s attacking options, and it may be just a matter of time before he receives his deserved call-up.

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