Katharine McPhee’s Early Christmas Spirit: Revealing Her Disney Traditions

Disney tradition Katharine McPhee
Katharine McPhee’s Early Christmas Spirit: Revealing Her Disney Traditions

Katharine McPhee’s Early Christmas Spirit: Revealing Her Disney Traditions

The Magic of Disney during the Holiday Season

Growing up in a household where The Disney tradition is celebrated with as much enthusiasm as Christmas, it’s no surprise that actress and singer Katharine McPhee continues to embrace this magical tradition well into her adult years. The talented star recently shared some insights into her love for all things Disney during the festive season, and it’s clear that the spirit of Disney holds a special place in her heart.

Creating the Ultimate Disney Christmas Experience

For Katharine McPhee, Christmas is the perfect time to immerse herself in the enchanting atmosphere of Disney. From her love for the iconic Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, to her annual tradition of rewatching classic Disney movies, McPhee never fails to embrace the magic and nostalgia that comes with all things Disney.

McPhee explains that one of her favorite Disney Christmas traditions involves transforming her home into a magical wonderland. From themed decorations like Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments, to a Christmas tree adorned with Disney-themed baubles, she spares no effort in creating the ultimate Disney-inspired holiday experience.

Disney Movies: A Nostalgic Holiday Tradition

As the holiday season approaches, Katharine McPhee’s Disney movie marathon begins. From timeless classics like “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid” to newer favorites like “Frozen” and “Moana,” McPhee dives into the world of Disney animation year after year.

The actress reveals that she loves to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and watch these beloved Disney movies. It’s a tradition that takes her back to her childhood and fills her heart with warmth and joy.

Visiting Walt Disney World: A Magical Christmas Getaway

Katharine McPhee’s love for Disney extends beyond the confines of her home. She fondly recalls spending Christmas at Walt Disney World Resort, where the holiday magic truly comes alive. The park’s stunning decorations, festive parades, and special events make it the perfect destination for McPhee to embrace both Christmas cheer and her cherished Disney tradition.

Exploring the various themed lands, meeting Disney characters, and enjoying the enchanting fireworks displays are all part of McPhee’s annual pilgrimage, which allows her to escape reality and immerse herself in the magic of Disney.


Katharine McPhee’s love for The Disney tradition comes alive during the Christmas season. From creating an enchanting Disney-themed wonderland in her own home, to indulging in a marathon of beloved Disney movies, she embraces the magic and nostalgia that Disney brings. Her visits to Walt Disney World Resort during Christmas allow her to immerse herself even further into the enchanting world of Disney, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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