Proposal to Prohibit Trailing Commissions in Australian Online Gambling Gains Momentum

banning trailing commissions Proposal to Prohibit Trailing Commissions in Australian Online Gambling Gains Momentum

Proposal to Prohibit Trailing Commissions in Australian Online Gambling Gains Momentum

Proposal to Prohibit Trailing Commissions in Australian Online Gambling Gains Momentum


Australia has been grappling with the issue of problem gambling for many years. The rise of online gambling platforms has further complicated the situation, as these platforms often offer high-risk and addictive forms of gambling. To address this growing concern, there is a proposal gaining momentum to prohibit trailing commissions in Australian online gambling. This article will explore the reasons behind this proposal, its potential impact, and the challenges it may face.

The Role of Trailing Commissions

What are Trailing Commissions?

Trailing commissions are a form of payment made to gambling operators for the ongoing referral of customers. These commissions, typically a percentage of the customer’s losses, incentivize operators to maintain and increase customer engagement.

The Negative Impact of Trailing Commissions

Trailing commissions have come under scrutiny due to their potential to encourage irresponsible gambling practices and exacerbate gambling addiction. By financially rewarding operators for customer losses, these commissions create a conflict of interest where operators may prioritize their profits over the well-being of their customers.

The Proposal

The Call for Prohibition

Various stakeholders, including public health advocates, community organizations, and gambling addiction support groups, have been calling for the prohibition of trailing commissions in Australian online gambling. They argue that these commissions contribute to the financial exploitation of vulnerable gamblers and undermine efforts to reduce gambling-related harm.

Support from Lawmakers

The proposal to ban trailing commissions in online gambling has gained significant support from lawmakers across different political parties. The concerns surrounding problem gambling have reached a consensus, and many see the prohibition of trailing commissions as an effective measure to tackle this issue.

The Potential Impact

Reducing Incentives for High-Risk Gambling

By banning trailing commissions, operators will no longer be financially incentivized to promote high-risk gambling activities. This move could lead to a significant decrease in the offering and advertising of potentially addictive forms of gambling on online platforms.

Protecting Vulnerable Gamblers

One of the primary objectives of this proposal is to protect vulnerable gamblers. By removing the financial incentives for operators, the proposal aims to create an environment in which operators prioritize the well-being of their customers over their profits. This could result in enhanced responsible gambling measures and increased support for individuals at risk of addiction.

Promoting a Safer Gambling Culture

The prohibition of trailing commissions aligns with the broader efforts to promote a safer gambling culture in Australia. By taking away the financial rewards for operators, the proposal encourages a shift towards more sustainable and ethical gambling practices, fostering a safer gambling environment for all Australians.

Challenges and Considerations

Opposition from the Industry

While the proposal has gathered considerable support, it is not without its challenges. The gambling industry, particularly online operators, may resist the ban on trailing commissions due to the potential impact on their profits. They may argue that the commissions are a legitimate marketing practice and that a blanket prohibition would unfairly target their businesses.

Implementation and Enforcement

Prohibiting trailing commissions will require robust implementation and enforcement measures. Effective mechanisms will need to be put in place to ensure compliance and prevent operators from finding loopholes or alternative ways of financially benefiting from customer losses.

Monitoring the Effectiveness

If the proposal is implemented, it will be crucial to monitor its effectiveness in reducing problem gambling rates and ensuring responsible gambling practices. Regular evaluation and assessment will be necessary to determine whether the ban on trailing commissions is achieving its intended objectives.


The proposal to prohibit trailing commissions in Australian online gambling is gaining momentum as a measure to address problem gambling and protect vulnerable individuals. While there may be challenges and considerations in implementing and enforcing this ban, the potential benefits in reducing high-risk gambling and promoting a safer gambling culture are significant. As the discussion around this proposal continues, it is important to prioritize the well-being of gamblers and ensure that the interests of operators align with responsible gambling practices.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will banning trailing commissions completely eliminate problem gambling?

No, banning trailing commissions alone will not completely eliminate problem gambling. However, it is a step in the right direction and can contribute to reducing the incentive for high-risk gambling practices.

2. How will the proposed ban affect online gambling operators?

The proposed ban on trailing commissions may impact the profitability of online gambling operators, as they will no longer receive financial incentives for customer losses. However, it also provides an opportunity for operators to prioritize responsible gambling measures and enhance customer well-being.

3. What other measures should accompany the ban on trailing commissions?

Alongside the ban on trailing commissions, it is important to implement comprehensive responsible gambling measures, such as stricter age verification processes, enhanced customer support, and increased investment in gambling addiction support services. These measures will complement the prohibition of trailing commissions in creating a safer gambling environment.[3]

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